Who is Carson Wentz Wife, Know about Madison Oberg

Off the field, Carson Wentz is just as dominant as he is on it, he is a famous NFL quarterback who has played for the Indianapolis Colts, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Commanders. His marriage to Madison Oberg is a major focus of public attention because of its importance to his life. This article explores Carson Wentz wife and Carson Wentz private lives, including her wealth, her childbearing status, and more. We will delve into different parts of their lives to give you a full picture of this interesting couple.

Carson Wentz Wife

Madison Oberg Early Life and Background

Brian Oberg and Lisa Broughton Oberg welcomed their daughter, Madison, into the world on June 21, 1997, in Lexington, Kentucky. Madison has always placed a high value on her faith, which she inherited from her Christian upbringing. She began her academic career in elementary education at Ozark Christian University and later transferred to Missouri Southern State University. Madison’s community service and academic achievements demonstrate her dedication to learning and growth.

Madison Oberg Personal Life

Faith, family, and charity are the pillars upon which Madison Oberg’s personal life rests. Mission of Hope is a non profit whose mission is to transform the lives of every person in Haiti. It was on one of their mission trips to Haiti that she initially met Carson Wentz. An important factor in their bond was their common religious beliefs and love of helping others.

Despite her famous husband, Madison prefers to keep a low profile herself. She has kept to herself, concentrating on being a nurturing mother and wife. Among her many passions are exploring new places, cherishing moments with loved ones, and giving back to the community. A look at Madison’s private life reveals how steady she is and how much she cares about her family.

The Love Story of Carson Wentz and Madison Oberg

It was on that 2017 mission trip to Haiti that Carson Wentz and Madison Oberg’s love story began. The groundwork for their relationship was set during this trip, when they shared experiences. Wentz, who was sidelined for the game due to injury, became a hero on February 6, 2018, two days after the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII. The couple then became engaged.

The happy couple had a stunning wedding ceremony on July 16, 2018, with only immediate family and close friends in attendance. In keeping with their deeply held Christian beliefs, their wedding was a joyous celebration of love, devotion, and faith. Carson often expresses his deep affection and appreciation for Madison’s constant support through touching social media posts.

Does Carson Wentz Have Kids?

Madison Oberg and Carson Wentz are thrilled to be parents. They became parents for the first time on April 27, 2020, when they welcomed a daughter, Hadley Jayne Wentz. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Carson broke the happy news to his fans while praising the many benefits of parenthood. Hudson Rose Wentz, their second daughter, was born to them in November 2021. The Wentz family treasures their time together and frequently posts photos and videos of their family life on social media.

Carson Wentz Have Kids

Net Worth of Madison Oberg

Estimating Madison Oberg’s net worth is trickier than Carson Wentz’s, whose wealth is well documented thanks to his prominent NFL career. Madison is devoted to her family and her charitable work, opting to live a life away from the spotlight. Having said that, Carson’s considerable wealth surely impacts her way of life. With a projected net worth of about $45 million in 2024, the Wentz family can rest easy and pursue their charitable interests with ease.

Madison Oberg’s Philanthropic Efforts

Like Carson, Madison Oberg has a deep desire to assist those in need. The AO1 Foundation, which Carson established, is one of many charitable endeavors in which the couple participates. Through programs like Thy Kingdom Crumb, which distributes free food to communities and collaborations with organizations like Mission of Hope in Haiti, the foundation seeks to uplift people and communities all over the globe.

Madison’s dedication to making a difference is evident in her participation in these activities. As a key figure in the Wentz family’s charitable endeavors, Madison is involved in mission trips and helps fund various charitable events.

Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media, Madison Oberg isn’t nearly as active as her husband. Although she does make an appearance in Carson’s posts from time to time, she would rather keep her personal life out of the spotlight. Posts about Carson and Madison’s love for one another and their family life can be found frequently on Carson Wentz’s social media accounts, particularly Instagram and Twitter.

A Day in the Life of Madison Oberg

Madison Oberg’s family is the center of her world. She is very involved in raising her daughters, Hadley and Hudson, and spends a lot of time taking care of them. Her typical day consists of taking care of the house, teaching her kids new things, and helping Carson out with his work. Madison begins her day with prayer and reflection, which reveals her strong faith.

On top of that, Madison is always pulling double duty for the AO1 Foundation, helping out with event planning, community outreach, and mission trips. Many find inspiration in her well-rounded life, which includes family, faith, and charity.


Faith, family, and charity characterize the life of Carson Wentz’s wife, Madison Oberg, a remarkable woman. Madison has kept her normal life and the roles of wife and mother at the forefront of her attention, even though she is married to a famous NFL quarterback. A strong indication of her desire to make a positive impact on the world is her participation in charitable endeavors, especially through the AO1 Foundation.

Carson and Madison Wentz’s love story starts on a mission trip to Haiti and continues with their life as parents to two lovely daughters. Their journey is filled with faith, devotion, and love. Her fascinating life story, her contributions to charitable causes, and her role in the public life of the Wentz family all combine to make Madison an admirable and fascinating figure. 

FAQs about Carson Wentz Wife

Yes, Carson Wentz is still married to Madison Oberg. They tied the knot in July 2018 and have been together since then. The couple met through a shared passion for activism and have two children together, a daughter named Hadley Jayne and a son named Hudson Rose. They have maintained a supportive and loving relationship throughout the years, sharing their family moments on social media​.

No, Carson Wentz did not marry his high school sweetheart. During high school, Carson Wentz dated Melissa Uhrich. However, their relationship ended in 2017. Carson Wentz is now married to Madison Oberg, whom he met in 2017. They got engaged in February 2018, shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, and married in July 2018​.

Yes, Carson Wentz has two children. Carson Wentz and his wife, Madison, have two daughters. Their first daughter, Hadley Jayne Wentz, was born in April 2020. Their second daughter, Hudson Rose Wentz, was born in November.

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